Planday helps tackle care home workforce challenges


CMO John Coldicutt (pictured) explains how software rota provider Planday’s technology can improve care home efficiency, achieve costs savings and help tackle the social care recruitment crisis.

The CMO outlined to CHP how Planday can help care home providers become more efficient and offer their workforce greater flexibility and better communication, while raising employee engagement.

“Our clients who previously spent 15-20 hours on scheduling and payroll each month now just spend less than an hour,” he said.

Using its messaging platform, Planday enables employees to swap shifts with people of equivalent skill sets who have not worked too many hours to avoid non-compliance and avoid overtime costs.

Learning disabilities support provider, The Disabilities Trust, recently signed on to the system.

Geraint Thomas, Technology Transformation Partner at The Trust, said: “After using the software for over a year, we at The Disabilities Trust have been delighted with the efficiency that Planday has brought to our daily operations. Planday’s technology has helped us to onboard employees and our people love using the Planday app to organise their schedules.

“The Messaging function is of particular help to our busy and widely distributed teams.  We now have one clear channel to communicate day-to-day requirements, with around 15,600 messages a month being sent between our colleagues, from shift-swaps, sickness cover through to general messages to help build a team culture and key information about specific challenges within each shift. Care work is demanding and we want to make sure that we provide the right support for our employees to help them achieve a good work-life balance and to create the right culture for our organisation.”

Planday’s punch-in and punch-out functionality offers greater transparency by enabling providers to better track employees.

Planday customer, Adrian Hendry, director at Avondale Care, said: “We can now communicate easily with staff either individually or in groups and that has been a huge bonus.”

Planday also helps improve employee engagement which has been linked with a reduction in patient mortality.

“By increasing efficiency and flexibility and freeing more time for training and development, technology can help providers ensure they are an employer of choice,” John noted.

Looking ahead, John said Planday was keen to work with other digital providers to provide more effective, joined up solutions for care home providers.

“There are some tools on the market that try and do everything and we don’t think that will be particularly successful with the strategy of being an end-to-end system,” John said.

“You are going to end up with a very thin piece of functionality. What we would rather do is find other like-minded businesses.

“We want to know how we can create a more empowered workforce and we want to reduce the amount of administration for the business.

“They don’t want to be tied up in the back office keying in data. They want to be out there coaching their staff and spending time with their residents. There are other systems out there that help us fulfil those objectives and we want to talk to them.”

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