Retirement sector commits to housing 250,000 people by 2030


Michael Voges

The retirement community sector has committed to housing 250,000 people by 2030 during an industry conference.

The pledge was made during last week’s ARCO (Associated Retirement Community Operators) Annual Conference, which saw 350 leaders and experts come together from across the globe.

Michael Voges, Executive Director at ARCO, said: “As a sector we have great ambitions to help tens of thousands of older people enjoy their retirements. We know that living in retirement communities is a great option for many people. By relentlessly focusing on value and service for our customers we can help to bring the UK up to the level of provision we see in many other countries around the world.”

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The UK, with 0.5% of its population living in retirement communities, lags behind New Zealand, Australia and the USA, where the comparable figures is between 5% and 6%.

ARCO’s Vision 2030 includes ten pledges to secure the growth of the sector, including calling on the government to implement sector-specific legislation to protect consumers as the number of people in living retirement communities continues to grow.

The sector has also called on the government to ensure clarity in the planning system for developments providing housing, care and support for older people. This is alongside commitments from ARCO members to work with partners across industry and civil society to invest in innovative social care technology, retirement community workforces and develop a clear proposition for consumers.

The pledge followed research this week which revealed that the UK was failing to plan enough homes for its elderly population (see UK failing to plan enough homes for rapidly ageing population).


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