Staff rota software helps Southampton care home run more effectively


A care home in Southampton has found that making sure the right people are on site at any one time, whilst giving them the best employee experience possible, could be made easier by using an online scheduling solution.

Having previously used an Excel spreadsheet and paper for staff rotas, Oaklands Rest Home decided to implement a cloud-based solution for scheduling with Planday.

The software enables each employee to register their skills and seniority specified in their profile, as well as with their availability and holiday requests.

Oaklands regional manager, Nicola Ray, said: “The software has created more transparency between employees and their managers, making employees more responsible for their shifts. They learned to work together more effectively, as they can see each employee’s rota from anywhere. By becoming more aware of each other’s schedules, the staff’s sense of camaraderie and teamwork has increased.”

Christian Brøndum, CEO of Planday, said: “Care home workers are a vital group of people who work together toward the common goal of making people comfortable at difficult times in their life. Therefore, it is essential that owners ensure the right processes are put in place to help workers as much as possible and continue to embrace the best technologies to make our care homes ready for the future.”


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