STATE OF CARE:  Quality levels improve slightly with progress in all regions


Quality levels in adult social care improved slightly in 2018/19 but people continue to struggle to access care, the CQC has revealed.

In its annual State of Care report, the CQC said four out of five services are rated Good, up slightly on last year with percentage of Outstanding homes rising from 3% to 4%.

Services rated Requires Improvement fell on the previous year at 15% compared with 17%. Services rated Inadequate remained at 1% though fell slightly in unit terms.

By service type, residential homes had a greater percentage of Good and Outstanding homes (85%) than nursing homes (76%), although there were more Outstanding nursing homes (4%) than residential services (3%).

More than one in five (22%) nursing homes were rated Requires Improvement with a further 2% rated Inadequate. For residential homes, the figures were 14% for Requires Improvement and 1% for Inadequate.

Improvements in the percentage of homes rated Outstanding or Good were seen across all regions with the variation in quality between the best performing region and worst narrowing from 8.3 percentage points to 6.6 percentage points.

The south west had the highest percentage of Good and Oustanding services (87%) with Yorkshire & the Humber having the lowest percentage (81%). Yorkshire & the Humber also had the highest percentage of Requires Improvement and Inadequate services (20%) followed by the West Midlands (18%).

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