Burnley care home redecorates with dementia friendly colour scheme


L to R: David Hartley, Linda Menzies, Andrea Chadwick, Debbie Stevens, Maggie Albones, Collette Sharples, Laura Wolstencroft, and Aimee Green

Staff at a Larchwood Care home are redecorating communal rooms in dementia friendly colours to create a relaxed environment for residents.

The makeover of the dementia unit at Wordsworth House in Hapton, Burnley follows staff research to identify the colours that help residents living with dementia feel at ease.

Unit manager Collette Sharples said: “We chose light blue for the dining room as it is soothing and serene, and it helps the residents to feel calm while they’re eating.

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“We painted the corridors lemon because this is a stimulating colour which is used to increase brain wave activity. Stimulating colours are good for Alzheimer’s patients as they can trigger memories and cognitive function.”

Handrails in the unit were painted royal blue to contrast with the yellow corridors and increase their visibility.

“We chose lilac and purple for the lounge, as this colour is also soothing and calming and can make the space seem bigger,” Collette added.

“Purple is also the colour that represents the Alzheimer’s Society and dementia, so we thought it was very appropriate for the unit.”

Home manager Aimee Green said she “was incredibly proud” of the team’s work in redecorating the unit.

“It looks fantastic, the residents love it, and they’ve done a brilliant job,” Aimee said.

“At Wordsworth House, we want our residents to feel comfortable and safe, and the research the staff have put in to pick dementia-friendly colours supports this. We are delighted and are looking forward to decorating more communal areas in the home.”

Wordsworth House, which provides residential care for up to 40 older people, is managed on behalf of Larchwood Care by Healthcare Management Solutions.


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