Local residents up in arms over care home development noise


Angry residents have called for council action over building work on a care home development they say is keeping them up at night.

The unhappy residents said the developer of a Hallmark Care Homes home in Newton Road in Henley had been flouting its building permission through the 24 hour use of a water extraction pump.

The developer has called for a variation on a condition restricting use of the water pump to daytime hours with a final decision on the request expected by July 24.

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Local resident Richard Hall told the Henley Standard: “The pump has been operating continuously since Easter, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is very loud and causes our sleep to be disturbed every night.

“Ours is the closest property to the development and we have tried to sleep in other rooms or with the windows closed without success.”

A Hallmark spokesperson told CHP: “The building contractors who are responsible fully for the site have been working hard to mitigate noise as they carry out essential work to prevent flooding. This has included adding baffles to the pumps, reducing the speed of the pump and applying for a new, silent, electrical pump to be installed.

“We have been working closely with the enforcement officers and have been updating them on a weekly basis as to the provision of the electricity supply.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to the residents of Mill Lane and acknowledge more could have been done by the contractors to communicate these challenges to the local community. We are working with them to make sure communication improves going forward.”


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