Signature care home kicks off 2019 with two top-notch awards


Coombe Hill Manor, a care home in Kingston upon Thames, has been awarded the Gold Standards Framework Beacon Status in addition to receiving Outstanding CQC results last week.

The care home puts its success down to the support of four facilitators and “endless” dedication from all of its on-site care staff.

The award-winning home covers all types of care, works closely with a local hospice and continually provides professional development to nurses and staff training.

Coombe Hill’s staff have been praised for their combined commitment to “exceptional” end of life care and for never failing to lose sight of residents’ and their family’s needs.

The company said: “For Signature homes, this is the start of some amazing developments for the future, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care, delivered by compassionate people, in the highest quality homes.

“Coombe Hill Manor’s dedication to providing proactive, person-centred care for all their residents, shows how it is possible to achieve outstanding care.”

The care home has not only been hailed for enhancing the quality of life for residents but for having fewer hospital admissions and keeping more residents in the home for the duration of their lives.

Signature aims to roll out a similar approach to care across its growing group of care homes, in order to encourage its staff nationally to achieve what Coombe Hill Manor has.


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